Pelvic Floor & Pilates

Our pelvic floor consists of a band of muscles, these muscles need to be strengthened and stretched similar to any large muscle on our body (hamstrings, quadriceps, etc). If you don't use them, you'll use them. During this 2 hour workshop you will locate the muscles of the pelvic floor, learn how to relax them and how to strengthen them. You will then apply this knowledge in a Pilates workout specifically designed with this in mind.

If you have had or currently have leaking bladder/bowel function, cervical prolapse, low back pain, lower abs that “pooch” outward, inability to have an orgasm, low sex drive, or have given birth or plan to give birth this workshop will be beneficial to you!

$20 Fee $15 for unlimited members

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Brenda Freeman is a Certified Somatic Sex educator through the institute of advanced study of human sexuality (IASHS) and #3rd Generation Classical Pilates Instructor. She has been working with people for 13 years on connecting to their pelvic floor and building back strength through the Pilates method. Via her Sexologist certification she is also able to assist those who are wanting to regain or deepen their sexual awareness and pleasure with themselves and/or others. Building a connection to our erotic selves through voice and choice, choosing pleasure and breath is the underlying principles of this sex education practice. 

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