Master Yogi Ida Ripley is coming to town!

We are pleased and excited to have Ida Ripley here for a 3-hour Beginning Bikram Yoga class on September 23rd at 12:30. This class will go through the 26 postures with more detail and include questions and answers. It is a great way to dive deeper into your own practice. If you are feeling stuck or looking to enhance your knowledge this is the class to come to. She will also be offering a 2-hour intermediate class on the 24th at 12:30. This class will go through 77 postures and will challenge and invigorate you. Don't miss this opportunity for strong, knowledgable guidance into new and different postures!

Ida Ripley is an award winning yogi! She began practicing Bikram Yoga (AKA "Hot" Yoga) in Vancouver, British Columbia during the summer of 2000 and has now been an instructor for over 12 years. Ida has been to 5 advanced seminars and 18 teacher trainings all over the world since she graduated from her own training in the spring of 2003. Ida has loved teaching, mentoring and practicing with new trainees, hundreds of teachers and first time students alike in the “yoga bubble”. Bikram Yoga has been her passion, life and love for 20 years, and it is a pleasure and honor for us to host her!

You can sign up here for either class:

3-Hour Beginning Bikram Workshop

2-Hour Intermediate Class 

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