Join us for a Hot Pilates Class!

Join us for our first ever hot pilates class with Brenda Freeman & Nikki Fayne Jacobs!

WHO: Brenda Freeman - Detroit Pilates & Nikki Fayne Jacobs - Balanced Body Pilates

WHAT: 2 HR Hot Pilates Class

WHERE: Bikram Yoga Midtown Detroit

WHEN: Saturday, April, 8th 2017 2pm

WHY: Body Movement Variety! Spring spice! All you need is yourself, a mat, a towel and H20

PRICE: 20$

The standard benefits of traditional Pilates apply. That is, making a difference in your health without taking a toll on your body. The benefits of the heated room apply the same way that they do for Bikram yoga. Pilates is a total body workout that moves through a series of exercises designed to tone and strengthen every part of the body. The strength work ensures you build muscle endurance, stamina and sequential flow throughout the body. Feeling the connection to the abdominals, glutes, arms, legs and back. 

Pilates will help you.....

Live more consciously

Build core strength

Have better sex

Improve flexibility  

Be more content 

Improve pelvic floor health/ no worries of incontinence

Hot Pilates and Bikram Yoga are two of the very limited forms of exercise you can do every day. Instead of breaking down your body you continue to progress in strength and flexibility. 

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