Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training

Gabi Walters started Hot Pilates in 2009 and has devel­oped the Inferno Hot Pilates class for every­one to enjoy. Pre­pare to be inspired, to sweat, to work hard — and of course, to feel great.

Using Pilates prin­ci­ples, Hot Pilates class is a chal­leng­ing, full body, low impact, high inten­sity work­out. It is per­formed on a yoga mat in a room heated to 95 degrees and 40% humidity. Hot Pilates strength­ens mus­cles and burns fat — all with­out the pound­ing of a high impact work­out. It is designed for all fit­ness levels.

Since 2009, Hot Pilates classes have been popping up on schedules around the world. We are excited to be adding Hot Pilates to our schedule!

Early Bird Cost (until August 26th) = $1,199.  After August 26th  = $1,499. Below is the payment link for the training. you would like more information, please email Jay at, or check out the training website   Once you sign up through the payment link, you will receive a welcome email with all the necessary information and itinerary.

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