Alternative Valentine's Day

Join us this Valentines Day for live music, hot cocoa, candles and more! Tuesday Feb. 14 6pm - 9pm

Like many american holidays, valentine's day has its roots in western europe and paganism. the time of year is always the same, and it goes back to wolf cults in italy, then spring cleaning and fertility festivals, and then renegade priests who married couples secretly during a time when it was illegal to do so because the army wanted more men, and only single men could serve.
here in america we combined our love of materialism, consumerism and romance to make our current valentine's day. today, in 2017, our love and our worldviews are EXPANDING, painfully and beautifully. perhaps a new holiday is taking place as we shape our world through our hearts, one moment at a time.
Let's celebrate each other with other. Live music performances by Kathy Leisen (on keyboards) with Wade Kergan (on saxophone). Live music performance by Dante. Hot Cocoa. Candles and other hippie sh*t for sale. Candles made from gorgeous smelling beeswax in powerful shapes - pyramid & hands. 6pm - 9pm. Bikram Yoga Midtown, Detroit MI.

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