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Massage is here!

We are pleased to introduce Alex Moore.She will be our in house massage therapist. Check her out tomorrowwith a 10 minute massage for $10!Available tomorrow ( Wednesday, February 7th) from 10am to 5:30pm!She will be available every Wednesday for drop in and scheduled massage.Alex has been practicing Thai massage in Detroit for two years. She studied in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In addition to Thai massage, she brings decades of dance and a yoga training to her understanding of the body. A traditional full-body Thai massage moves energy from head to toe, incorporating point pressure, energy meridian work, and yoga-like stretching. Unlike other forms of massage, there is little use of oil; clients position themselves on a floor mat; and clients remain fully clothed. The combination of pressure points, a focus on breath, and assisted stretching creates a highly therapeutic and regenerative experience. 

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Full Blue Supermoon

The first super blue blood moon opened for the first time in 150 years this week. Usher in the energies and experience the alchemy of a Reiki Healing Meditation: Intention Work, Guided Energy Body Restoring Meditation, Ancient Aromas, Moon Lore, Journaling, Herbal Sachet Manifesting, and Sacred Space. Soak in Holy Fire Karuna ReikiĀ® guided to shift mind, body, and soul, creating subtle transformation in your quantum field. Everyone will leave with a full moon sachet filled with plant magic, moon stone, and intention

Reserve your spot here & now:


Bring a new story into being this year! $25/person (moonstone herbal sachet included)

Scholarships available! Email tanja@bewellholistic.net

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Wild Woman Project

Join us Tuesday, January 16th, from 8:15pm to 10pm, as we welcome the first new Moon of the New Year. We're reclaiming our wisdom to architecture - the bones of our bodies and the stones of our home! This New Moon in Capricorn calls us to reclaim intuition at a bodily level, to "feel it in our bones," to find the beauty in what remains as our flesh ages, to see the ancientness of Mother Earth.
The sacred gathering of women is ancient, and this space is where we remember and reclaim our instinctive, innate power to heal, manifest, create, and birth peace within and in this natural world. Where two or more women form a circle, magic emerges.

Reserve your space here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=38677&stype=41&sTG=2&prodId=10521  

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