N'Zinza Washington
Bikram and Yin Instructor

As a traveling teacher, impermanence is a concept that I get to tangibly experience. Knowing that each day, each student, every class and every body is different, changing, and transforming in its own time, I bring a compassionate understanding and unique worldview, founded in Detroit, cultivated in love, forged in experience, and polished by the world, that allows me to share my knowledge, talents and skills with those who are wanting and willing to receive.

Growing up with a martial artist for a father, I dealt with the physical demand, focus, discipline and corresponding injuries of Tae Kwon Do from a young age, but as an adult I discovered the joy of healing with massage therapy. Working with a chiropractor, I witnessed the pain and challenges that result from back pain and spinal injury.  I realized the importance of a healthy spine for total body wellness, and started prescribing yoga backbends from my own personal practice. 

With the love, support and encouragement of my father, I attended  Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2012. I combine my knowledge of massage and Bikram Yoga to help strengthen the spine, increase mobility and fitness, relieving pain and improving the most important quality of our lives: feeling happy.