Bikram Instructor

I fell in love with Bikram yoga from the very first class that I took. The physical benefits were great, but the way my mind felt relaxed, calm, and at peace was the part that was most remarkable. I was able to practice on my own from the book for a couple of years before stumbling upon a class in Plymouth, MI on a visit home in 2001. After that class I was certain that the best thing I could do with my life was to get to that Bikram yoga teacher training! So, in the fall 0f 2001, I drove across the country to Los Angeles and got my butt kicked mentally and physically for 9 weeks.

Since then, I have also done trainings with the International Sivananda Vedanta Center and the Yin with Lynne training in Southeastern Michigan. I love all forms of yoga and I really enjoy reading about the yoga tradition, its origins, and practices as it helps ground me and provides structure for everyday life. I was lucky enough to make my way to India in 2014 to study yoga and meditation. Even with all of these endeavors, a sweaty Bikram class is still my favorite! I am such an unstructured person that it feels really good for my brain to be disciplined for 90 minutes.

These days, I am spending a lot of time as a therapist and art therapist after graduating from Wayne State in 2014. When I am not doing that I love to hang out with my wonderful dog, Miles, friends, and family. Having a desk job has really challenged my mind and especially my body. I realize more now than ever that a regular yoga practice is the key to health and happiness!